Thursday, June 16, 2005

Time Management continued

Since I have a fairly flexible approach to scheduling my Learning activities, I have created the following table to permit monitoring of my progress:

This requires that I, more or less,
(1) keep track of how much time I spend on a particular activity during the day, and
(2) remember to update the table.

This whole process raises at least two points:
(1) the table provides an overall form of feedback information enabling me to make adjustments to my time commitments throughout the week, and
(2) is this more time consuming and trouble than it is worth?

The latter question must be answered by the individual. I like the feedback at the moment, but may find it tedious after awhile. It does give me a way of not straying too far from my original intention at the start of the week, but it might be possible to accomplish the same aim with some simple mental discipline.

As an aside, you can see that I am beginning to renew my mathematics activities. I now have the Michael Spivak book, "Calculus. third edition", have completed studying the first chapter, and am thoroughly enjoying it. I will add some additional information in a future post on how I create my e-notes for this activity.


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