Wednesday, June 08, 2005

posting images

This morning I Learned how to post images to this blog. The initial goal was to have a small thumbnail of myself appear in my profile. The first effort placed it on the blog as a new post. I then Learned how to delete this post. I then realized that the profile image required a link to the image on a web server. Each day brings something new.

At the moment I am Learning more about how to use the Blogger software than using the software to Learn about something else (i.e. sharing some thoughts about Learning using the Web). This makes perfect sense to me. Each time one discovers a new tool, there is a step backwards as one becomes familiar with it before one can apply it to a useful purpose. Mechanics have over a hundred different tools, which they use with their hands. How many tools should one have that can be used by one's mind? For example, my favorite tools are Dreamweaver, Inspiration, MindGenius, cmap, Excel, Mathematica, AceFTP, Picasa and ZoomBrowser.

I forgot to mention pen and paper!

A couple of days ago I added Blogger and this morning I added Hello (which allows me to easily place images on this blog). Some people find the Learning associated with technology to be overwhelming, but I find it exciting. Life is not meant to be boring.


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I just finished up watching the Reruns, and it was terrific. :D
The actual clips were a whole lot of fun. Sandra Bullock completely made my day!


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