Tuesday, June 07, 2005

novice difficulties

I am aiming for fairly regular posts. But as I tried to make my second post I realized that I had not made a note of my username and password for this activity. Fortunately the system is Dale-proof and my email address was sufficient to obtain this information. So I am back in business.

The title of this blog (my first) has three key words. Each captures an important role. Of the three, Learning holds center stage. On the right is Self-directed, and on the left is the Web. The spotlight is on Learning. An interest is this topic drives my other professional interests. The emphasis on self-directed helps set the scene as I am primarily interested in Learning that is initiated by the learner. There are at least two senses in which this is important. One, all Learning might be said to have this dimension as an individual who is genuinely not interested in Learning is unlikely to experience much in the way of Learning. Two, my interest is more in Learning that is genuinely initiated by the individual than in an educational process that has been formalized. Much (most?) learning occurs outside of schools and universities. It occurs when one is alone, it occurs when one is on the job, it occurs when one is socializing and it occurs when one is playing. Finally, there is the Web. Although technology has a subservient role, it is still a major player. The Web may be a youngster on the stage but the role is becoming increasing important as the play develops.

The above metaphor may be a bit strained, but it is a beginning. Comments are welcome.


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